October 2021 Meeting Notice: Joe Hayes – DaS AuReality

The next online meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Monday 11th October 2021 at 7:30pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Saving Time UTC+11).

Joe Hayes, Inventor and CTO of Vastigo Ltd will describe his DaS AuReality technology in a talk titled:

From Stradivarius to Speaker

technology for improvements in sound delivery and room acoustics treatment.

We are familiar with a well-designed concert hall having clarity of performance without hard echoes and a balanced enveloping sound field.
We seek to capture this in our recording and listening experiences but we often must put up with less-than-ideal acoustic environments.

What if the enveloping experience could be recreated directly from the loudspeaker without the need for the concert hall? And what if the recreated sound field did not detract from the initially arriving direct sound but could actually mask and improve the inevitable echoes and reflections of the typical less than the ideal listening environment?

DaS AuReality technology tackles this. The direct sound is preserved, but rather than remove information destined for uncontrolled reflections DaS AuReality creates an ideally balanced reverberant field prior to the intervention of room acoustics, and so without hard echoes and associated distractors.
The room then faithfully (or irreverently) conveys these to the listener. 

The result is improved clarity and immersion with less room acoustics influence and less perception of ’sound from a loudspeaker source’ for all surround sound formats.

Joe will explain the background and developments leading to DaS AuReality and some of the implementation challenges and successes along the way.

A future live demonstration of the technology will be arranged when we are able to enjoy face-to-face meetings again. In the meantime, please join us to hear about Joe’s new developments in loudspeaker design.

About Joe Hayes:

A Sydney based musician and inventor, Joe Hayes understands musical acoustic delivery.
Joe has exploited his knowledge of physics, mathematics and psychoacoustics to make a breakthrough in audio playback technology, leading to the development of the principles of Diffusion at Source (DaS).
He has had decades of experience designing and manufacturing innovative products for musicians such as his PASSAC midi sentient 6 Unity 8 mixer and EC1 equaliser pre-amps, teaming with Larry Fishman and Martin guitars amongst others for the world market. Joe’s motivation for DaS was to better deliver the live Stradivarius experience.

All are welcome.
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