Peter Freedman AM

In 2016 Peter Freedman AM, founder and CEO of RØDE Microphones spoke at an AES Melbourne Section meeting about Microphone Manufacturing in Australia.

His talk ended up being a fascinating retelling of his personal journey in audio up to that time – a journey that continues to this day.

Peter has created a world-class microphone and related-audio manufacturing company in Sydney where products are made and exported to the world.

RØDE products are known and respected internationally across a range of audio segments including recording studios, broadcasters, videographers, and podcasters.

Peter has revitalized audio manufacturing in Australia with his emphasis on tooling for cost-effective local manufacturing to offer innovative products at a keen price.

Here is the video of that talk.

The full meeting report is at

Since that evening in 2016, Peter has navigated RØDE to even greater heights with new audio products and categories.

The full RØDE journey is documented on their website at