Audio Workplaces and Education Study 2017/2018

**Update – February 2020 – Schools & Courses updated**

An updated listing of schools and courses based on many searches of the current  Victorian Tertiary Education Guide was compiled in February 2020.
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 .AES Melbourne Audio Workplaces and Education Study (2017/2018)

AES Melbourne has surveyed the audio industry (the survey).

Audio has expanded greatly as a discipline to the point that it is an essential part of almost all communications and media today.

The study considered the widest scope of audio as both a discipline and a specialist field. It consisted of a desk audit of the audio-related courses available, and a survey of audio practitioners.

For the survey, first the full scope of the audio discipline was broken out into the various sub-fields Appendix 1 provides a list of audio job functions.
This overview will be of use for all persons interested in the field, whether as a new entrant or for those seeking an update to the field.

Next the skillset of existing and potential members was surveyed as relevant to this list. A brief summary of the study is available as Appendix 2.

A more detailed explanation of the full study, including the background, context and survey results is also available. For a copy of the full Workplaces Study send an email request to

From these sources, an industry demand profile emerged, but was certainly not definitive. The course lists considered can be found at the Schools and Courses link in the above Study.

AES has noted the difficulties in aligning the skillsets with the courses offered, and is keen to work with industry and educational institutions in better defining needs. What was of interest was that there was a clear polarisation of skillset into traditional and “new age” skill sets.

The results of this assessment showed a permeation of audio into the widest set of courses and course-work, but without clear delineation as a discipline in its own right. AES Melbourne is continuing liaison with both educational institutions and particularly with industry.

The study broke the audio industry out into a listing of job functions which should provide a useful basis for considering options. Courses presently offered by institutions in Victoria particularly were then assessed against these job functions. The key finding is that the audio industry is now so diverse and complex that there is no one particular education prescription that will suit prospective entrants to the industry. The choice of course of study depends on the individual goals of the interested person.

AES Melbourne is interested in hearing from members and institutions alike with regard to the continuance of this work as of benefit to its members and potential members.

AES Melbourne is indebted to AES Life Member and Committee Member of the Melbourne Section, Dr Rod Staples for his expertise and untiring effort in forming the framework and analysing the results. Rod has had extensive experience in the education field and in particular associated metrics and assessment.

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September 2018