Association Rules

The Melbourne Section of the Audio Engineering Society is an Incorporated Association under the laws of Victoria.

The Association Rules are registered with Consumer Affairs, Victoria and the currently operative Rules can be seen here.

Membership arrangements

The AES Melbourne Section Inc., as an Incorporated Association under Victorian law, is required to maintain its own membership arrangements and records.
Members of AES Inc.(NY) need to make a separate application for membership of AES Melbourne Section Inc.(Victoria). We are not permitted to automatically confer membership from one to the other.
There are no extra fees, or responsibilities involved in the local membership, but it does allow voting at local General Meetings for voting members (Member grade and higher).
The membership application form can be viewed/downloaded here.

Rule Changes Approved

The 2012 Annual General Meeting has approved changes to the Rules, proposed by the Committee. The new Rules have also now been approved by the Department of Justice, Consumer Affairs Victoria Registration Branch, and the AES Board of Governors, and take effect 27th August 2012.
The updated Rules can be viewed or downloaded here.