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This page provides links to audio-related papers which may be of interest.

Papers hosted on this site:

Power Limitations in High Quality Sound Reproduction
by AN Thiele

Dr Albert Neville Thiele was a world-recognised leader in the field of electrical Engineering and particularly for his pioneering work on loudspeaker and filter design. A prodigiously productive thinker and publisher, Neville always had a few new ideas under consideration, and at various stages of preparation towards release.

Three of these were being prepared for publication when he passed away in October 2012. These papers were subsequently completed for general release as was his wish. The third of these papers “Power Limitations in High Quality Sound Reproduction” appears here

This paper is “Copyright 2015 the estate of Albert Neville Thiele”.
Permission granted for Audio Engineering Society Melbourne Section to publish.

Read the paper here

Elsewhere on the web:

Dan Lavry’s 2012 paper on the optimal sampling rate for quality audio.

Julian Dunn’s 1998 paper on Jitter in Digital Audio Equipment.