Meeting Report: June 2022 – DaS AuReality demonstration

On Monday 20th June the AES Melbourne Section finally returned to our old meeting haunt of the SAE Institute lecture theatre, where we welcomed Vastigo’s Joe Hayes to demonstrate his DaS (Diffusion at Source) AuReality loudspeakers.

In October last year, Joe introduced us to his concept of the DaS loudspeaker algorithm which provides a listening experience unshackled from the room’s acoustics and free of sweet-spot limitations. A full report on that presentation can be found at

This time around, Joe gave us the opportunity to hear the results of his work.

Chair Graeme Huon welcomes Joe Hayes
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June 2022 Meeting Notice: DaS AuReality Demo

We are returning to the SAE Institute!

The next in-person meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be held on
Monday 20th June 2022 at 7:30pm, in the SAE Institute Lecture Theatre, South Melbourne.

*Note – there will be NO live online element to this meeting.

Joe Hayes, Inventor and CTO of Vastigo Ltd, will conduct a
Live Demonstration

of his DaS AuReality (Diffusion at Source) loudspeaker systems.

Vastigo V10 Demo Speakers
NewAudio AS8 Speaker

Joe invites everyone to bring along their favourite critical listening music (Audio CD format only) to exercise the system.

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Meeting Report: December 2021 – Loudspeaker Power Ratings – Michail Barabasz

On Monday December 13th the AES Melbourne Section mounted yet another Zoom online meeting.

Over thirty members and guests joined the meeting to hear Michail Barabasz of Lorantz Audio Services present on the topic of Loudspeaker Power Ratings

Title slide

After welcoming everyone, Section Chair Graeme Huon introduced Michail who started his presentation with a brief history of his career at Plessey Rola (pre-1975), including and his involvement with the 1977 Australian Standard for Sound System Equipment (AS1127, Part 5 – Loudspeakers), before establishing Lorantz Audio Services in 1976.

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