26th February Meeting Notice: Stephan Schutze on Game Audio Assets

The next meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be an in-person event held on
Monday 26th February 2024 at 7:30pm at the Collarts Collingwood campus.

It will also be live-streamed on our YouTube channel

Game Audio Designer Stephan Schutze will present on the topic of:

Game audio asset collection, production and management

One of the key aspects of game audio production that is seldom covered is how we deal with our assets. There are various approaches for the creation of sounds, but often the raw source material is not part of that conversation.

Stephan Schutze creating a sound with multiple microphones capturing the event
Stephan creates and captures a specific effect

In this talk, Stephan will explore the various ways we can source content for game production and then the various ways we manage, implement, store and handle the raw material of the craft.

Come armed with questions and curiosity.

Mon 26
th February 2024 at 7:30pm
Collarts Wellington Street Campus – Critical Listening Room
208 Wellington St

About Stephan Schutze:

Stephan Schutze presenting from a lecturn with a large screen displaying editing software

This session will be presented by Stephan Schutze who has worked in the game industry for over 24 years, produced sound effects libraries and managed the organisation and implementation of literally hundreds of thousands of sounds in various formats. In nearly twenty years of audio production, Stephan has created content for every available game platform, created content for some well-known franchises, and he even literally wrote the manual for FMOD Studio, one of two main platforms for game sound creation.
He has also authored an important book on audio production for AR/VR/360 video.

This is the second in a series on Game Audio. It will build on David Lauritsen’s November 2023 presentation, and the series will wrap up in April with a presentation by Nick Harrison on Game Audio Design software and workflows.

Visitors and guests are welcome.