Meeting Report: Feb 2010 – Radio Mics – Current Technology, & the Regulatory and Spectrum Environment

Date: Feb 8th 2010

Speaker Name: Tony Hambling, Murray Tregonning & Associates

Meeting Location: Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

Tony’s talk covered a range of topics. He displayed a range of modern products from several major supliers, and discussed the practical application – from broadcast TV and radio, thru live entertainment and film recording to worship audio.

He also outlined the changes coming up in spectrum allocation for radio mics, and the effect this would have on frequencies. He then went on to demonstrate the kinds of efforts that local importers have to make in the local regulatory approval process. Tony also touched on the analog vs digital technologies, identifying some shortcomings of particularly spread-spectrum technology for robust operation.

He also elicited some interesting anecdotes on radio mic experiences from Gary Wilkins, a leading film recordist, big radio mic user, and AES member who was in attendance.