Meeting Report: April 2010 – MADI (AES10) – Theory & Applications

Melbourne – April 12, 2010

Speaker Name: Steve Lincoln—Smith and Leigh Spahic (Innovative Music Aust)

Meeting Location: RMIT University


Steve and Leigh presented a “potted history” of the MADI interface, and of the company they represent, RME, which manufactures a wide range of audio equipment utilizing the interface. The the presentation moved on to the physical interface, and the benefits of fibre-optic cable for interconnects – together with the types of connectors, and the way connector termination has advanced over the years to make it a more accessible technology.

They also showed examples of a wide range applications where MADI has been used, and typical equipment wit

Other business or activities at the meeting:
The Chair noted with sadness the recent passing of former AES member Graham Thirkell. Graham, through his earlier work at Byer Industries and later through his company Optro, had a pivotal role in tape recorder developments in the ’50’s thru to the ’70’s and in his later years became widely respected as an acoustican. He presented papers on this subject at local AES Conventions in the ’80’s.