Meeting Report: November 2014 From Continuous to Discrete and back again

On Monday 24h November Melbourne Section Chairman, Mark Edwards presented a talk entitled “From Continuous to Discrete… and back again…” at the Lecture Theatre of The SAE Institute in South Melbourne.

The topic covered the process of analogue-digital-analogue conversion in a largely non-mathematical manner. Mark provided insight into the practical implementation of A/Ds and DACs and the importance of Nyquist filtering.

He was able to practically demonstrate, both audibly and visually, the real-life effect of attempting to operate converters beyond the Nyquist limit.

His presentation was followed by a Q&A session which covered, and expanded on the material which presented.

Mark cut through the maths of a difficult subject, and (to quote from a comment received after the meeting) ”made the difficult-to-understand really comprehensible”

An audio recording of Mark’s talk can be downloaded or listened to here

We again thank The SAE Institute for providing the venue for this meeting.
We also thank our Treasurer, Graham Haynes for the loan of a PA system for the night.