April Meeting Notice:

The next meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Monday 8th April.

It will be a presentation by Simon Tait of Yamaha Music Australia on:

Active Acoustic Enhancement and Spatial Audio

*New Meeting Venue*
(Bookings required – see below)

Modern venues increasingly utilise Active Acoustic Enhancement (AAE) to expand the range of performances and events that can be hosted in their facilities. For performers and audiences alike this means a more natural environment befitting the program material and for venue owners this can equate to greater returns through increased bookings. Spatial Audio (SA) systems often exist alongside AAE systems due to the common hardware they utilise.

Simon Tait, Systems & Applications Engineer for Yamaha Music Australia, will give us an insight into the types of AAE & SA used in venues today, some practical design considerations and general calibration procedures. Simon will also highlight some of the most relevant publications from the AES e-Library and elsewhere pertaining to the subject matter as well as the available software and processing packages behind these systems.

About Simon Tait:
Simon’s industry experience includes a couple of decades of live and studio production in various worldwide locations, PCB design and software development for OpenLIVE, marketing, business management, lutherie, playing in loud sweaty rock bands and pulling cable through dusty roof spaces and other uninhabitable environments.

*Please Note Amended Venue*
Mon 8
th April 2019 at 7:30pm
The Yamaha Premium Piano Centre

17B Market St
South Melbourne

The new venue will permit a full demo of an AFC3 system.
Bookings are required.
This is only to allow us to communicate on any venue change, and to provide numbers to allow Yamaha to plan their venue setup.

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