April 2022 Meeting Notice: Charlie Van Dongen – From loudspeakers to listeners – On-site Listening Session

We are finally meeting in person again!

The first in-person meeting of the AES Melbourne Section (in what seems like forever) will be held on
Monday 11th April 2022 at 7:30pm.

*Note – there will be NO live online element to this meeting.

Charlie Van Dongen, of Involve Audio will host us at his Mentone (Vic) manufacturing facility, revisiting his earlier presentation with a practical demonstration of:

From loudspeakers to listeners

the complete surround sound chain 
Part 2 – Listening

In the earlier session in February 2021 Charlie Van Dongen of Involve Audio, based in Melbourne, Australia described this end-to-end sound reproduction chain extending from the latest generation of loudspeaker transducers through amplifiers and render electronics that have been developed based on just how humans perceive sound.

His work includes development of a range of modern electrostatic loudspeakers with matching electronics and amplifiers and new multi-channel render technologies that overcome many weaknesses yet remain compatible with the many surround sound formats available today.

He will be able to demonstrate/show the earlier Nakamichi Dragon hybrid electrostatics, his new Y4 bookshelf surround sound system (which does not need a centre channel), the new 4 feet tall Y speakers, and the 6 channel mini 120 W per channel class D amplifier.
He will also preview a pre-production example of their new desktop electrostatic loudspeakers and will describe an in-development mini preamp featuring vinyl record de-click and de-pop capability.

Do not miss this.

About Charlie Van Dongen:

Photo of Charlie Van Dongen

Charlie is Director and Chief Technical Officer at the audio design and manufacturing company Involve Audio based in Mentone, Melbourne, Australia.
He received his technical training from Swinburne University of Technology and has had a long career in audio innovation including companies such as VASS, ER Audio, Immersion and Winnovate. 

Charlie holds numerous patents and unique design innovations.

This will be a free session, but numbers are limited, so bookings are required.
Priority will be given to AES members, but any surplus spots will be offered to non-members.

All are welcome to book, but you must be able to attend in-person on that date.
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