Meeting Report: February 2023 – David Hudson on Restoration of Vintage Studer A80s

On Monday 13th February, the Melbourne Section of the AES held our regular bi-monthly meeting.

We welcomed about 30 members and guests via Zoom.

Former Studios 301 Engineering Manager and local AES Section Committee Member David Hudson presented on the topic of:

Restoration of Vintage Studer A80s –

for a new life in a new century

Chairman Graeme Huon introduced David with a brief description of his background and history in audio recording in Canada and Australia.

David Hudson
David Hudson describes his career path that led to the Studer A80s (photo Rod Staples)

Following an Acknowledgement of Country (David was presenting from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula – home of the Bunurong First Nations people), David described his early experiences with audio recording in Canada. He recounted that his first example as a pre-teen in 1961 was a Voice of Music VM-700 “Tape-o-Matic” machine his elementary principal father frequently brought home from his school. David also mentioned his early electronic experience in designing a photocell relay for a school Science Fair which saw him go all the way to the national competition, and he also mentioned his amateur radio interests at age 15. He then went on to recount his time in the 1970’s as a musical performer with the group “Hudson Carr Poole”/”Marilyn Hudson Carr & Poole”.

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