Ray Dolby : 1933 – 2013

Dr Ray Dolby died on Thursday aged 80.

Dr Dolby was one of those rare individuals in the audio industry whose name is well known to the general public – through his ground-breaking tape noise reduction technology, and all his cinema sound technologies.

He was gracious enough to present the keynote address at the 6th AES Regional Convention in Melbourne in 1995, and was remembered by Convention organizers as a “quiet and modest man”.

The keynote was reported, as part of the Convention Report in the AES Journal Vol44No11 (Nov 1996).
To quote, in part from that report:
 ” “Progress in Audio, The Pursuit of Perfection? Or What Else” was the title of the address. Drawing from his own personal experiences and the observations of others, Dolby identified the need to balance technical perfection with practicality, and questioned the pursuit of absolute perfection in one direction while ignoring the overall requirements of the end user.”


Dolby Labs was quick to issue this video tribute, which highlights the man and his achievements.


The press release announcing his death can be read at

RIP Ray Dolby.