November Meeting Notice: Stephan Schutze on Audio for Interactive

November Meeting Notice

The next meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Monday 28th November at 7:30pm at:
The SAE Institute Lecture Theatre, 235 Normanby Rd, South Melbourne.

Stephan Schutze, will present on the topic

Creating Audio for Interactive Environments

The worldwide computer gaming industry is multi-billion dollar industry, with budgets for popular titles rivalling, and sometimes exceeding, those of blockbuster motion pictures. Just like in motion pictures the sound design can be a crucial factor in the title’s success.
There is one important difference between audio for motion pictures and games.

In motion pictures the storyline is fixed, with the audio (along with the vision) being decidedly linear – launching from a known starting point, continuing along a fixed timeline, and concluding at the predetermined end point.
In computer games, the progress is decidedly non-linear – branching in all sorts of directions at all times, driven by the players’ actions.

This demands a totally different approach to audio design, requiring maximum flexibility and responsiveness while retaining the stellar audio quality the players demand.

As an experienced games audio designer, Stephan will guide us through this demanding environment, and describe the way the two sides of audio (linear/non-linear) have evolved, and where the divide is.

About Stephan Schutze:
For over sixteen years, Stephan has produced music and sound effects for a variety of projects. Most of this time has been spent working in the games industry where he has produced the audio for games on nearly every available platform across a wide range of genres. He has produced musical scores ranging from a solo musician up to full orchestra.

Stephan is considered the world’s leading authority on working with FMOD Studio. His company produced the user manual and developed the first and only official educational material on FMOD Studio. He is an expert on producing generative adaptive music as well as implementing existing musical scores to function dynamically within an interactive product.

A background of professional playing and extensive academic studies has helped Stephan develop a mature approach to writing and producing musical works. He spent five years in the Australian Army Band Melbourne as a horn player, and this combined with musical studies at both the Victorian College of the Arts and LaTrobe University provided a strong foundation for his development as a composer.

Stephan is widely published online and in print. He is a sought-after speaker at conferences and has presented numerous lectures and talks for prominent organisations worldwide. Stephan regularly presents at industry conferences around the globe.
Stephan is now exploring the leading edge of audio for VR/AR/MR working in both R&D and production.

Mon 28th  November 2016 at 7:30pm
The SAE Institute – Lecture Theatre
235 Normanby Road (Woodgate St entrance)
South Melbourne

Visitors and guests welcome.

Directions:  Entry to SAE is via the Students’ Entry, now located in Woodgate St (at rear of building).
Please report to the Supervisor’s Desk at this entry, and you will be directed to the Lecture Theatre (upstairs).