Meeting Notice: Wed 3rd June Amplifier Design and Feedback Systems

This time it’s a Wednesday night!!

The next meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Wednesday 3rd June at 7:30pm
at The SAE Institute Lecture Theatre, 235 Normanby Rd South  Melbourne.

 Amplifier Design and Feedback Systems

– Everything you need to know about feedback and distortion in audio amplifiers.

An essential step in the delivery of the audio experience is the conversion of signals to an analogue domain fit for human consumption.

Here Ed Cherry is amongst the leaders on the world stage.

Ed will explain the links between design and performance of competent analogue amplifiers, the role that feedback can play and will as usual expose a few misconceptions and myths on the way.


Wed 3rd June 2015 at 7:30pm
The SAE Institute – Lecture Theatre
235 Normanby Road
South Melbourne
(entry via Woodgate St – on street parking)

Visitors and guests welcome.

Entry to SAE is via the Students’ Entry, now located in Woodgate St (at rear of building).

Please report to the Supervisor’s Desk at this entry, and you will be directed to the Lecture Theatre (upstairs at the back of the building).

About Ed Cherry:
Although best known for his work on amplifiers, Ed has made far broader and creative contributions to the field of electronics.  

Ed promoted Universal Charge Control theory for all active electronic devices including vacuum tubes (valves) and bipolar and field effect transistors, such sound engineering practices as “alternate cascade” that minimised undesirable internal amplifier interaction.
He is recognised for his work on nested differential feedback topologies that allowed both performance improvements and reduction in dependence on device parameters. He has also worked on broadband device and circuit design with Maxim.

Ed is always ready to impart this knowledge to the broader world community through his tenure and lecturing as professor of Electronics at Monash University, his active participation in AES, his patents and his publishing.
He remains ever-ready to quest after ignorance as attested to with his many published letters and often entertaining rebuttals.