Meeting Notice: April 24th 2017

Meeting Notice

April 2017

The next meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Monday 24th April at 7:30pm at:

The SAE Institute Lecture Theatre, 235 Normanby Rd South Melbourne.

Frank Andrewartha, of Quest Engineering will present on the topic:

Sound Delivery against the odds – the technical challenge

With Part 1 at our February meeting Frank Andrewartha of Quest Engineering took us on a fascinating journey through the history of sound reinforcement from the early Greek and Roman amphitheatres through column designs of the 60’s and line array loudspeakers of modern concert venues, each with its strengths and weaknesses exposed.

Frank then explained the ongoing challenge of sound reinforcement and vocal intelligibility, and demonstrated recent developments that can provide a better solution than line arrays for many venues.

In Part 2, Frank will expand on challenges encountered and recent technologies that tackle these. Highlighting the new asymmetrical waveguide system, Frank will provide some real-world examples of improved audio clarity and intelligibility in sound systems.

Mon 24
th April 2017 at 7:30pm
The SAE Institute – Lecture Theatre
235 Normanby Road (enter via Woodgate St)
South Melbourne

Directions:  Entry to SAE is via the Students’ Entry, now located in Woodgate St (at rear of building). 

Please report to the Supervisor’s Desk at this entry, and you will be directed to the Lecture Theatre (upstairs at the back of the building).

Visitors and guests welcome.

About Frank Andrewartha:
The members of the professional audio community come from a wide and varied technical backgrounds. This mix of perspectives and capabilities has given us the innovative thinking that has made Australia a heavy hitter when it comes to contribution and influence on the world market.
With a background in aviation and geoscience, Frank still claims to be an ”audio dilettante”, despite working in the audio industry for over forty years.
Frank started his audio life in 1976 working with boutique company “Birkett Audio Research and Development” (BARD) making studio monitors and specialist electronics, but was destined for ever larger sound in increasingly larger venues. Following many years of concert sound production Frank became one of the founders of the companies Group Technologies and Quest Engineering.
Today Quest designs and manufacturers electronics and loudspeaker products for the International market and specialises in durable high intelligibility systems suited to both physically and acoustically difficult environments where the wish is for seamless, unobtrusive live sound delivery.