Meeting Notice: Mon April 14th.. Ultimate Equalizer Software & Speaker/Room Design

Meeting Notice 

The next meeting of the AES Melbourne Section is on Monday 14th April at 7:30pm 
at The Australian College of the Arts (Collarts) 55 Brady Street, South Melbourne.

Bohdan Raczynski of Bodzio Software will present on the topic: 

A phase linear monitor loudspeaker system with flat axial response implemented using Ultimate Equaliser software

Audio software developer Bohdan Raczynski, will demonstrate the advantages that DSP software Ultimate Equaliser offers to enhance the performance of loudspeaker reproduction.

The presentation will cover in detail the approach to optimising a multi-way loudspeaker using DSP tools and applying room correction where relevant.
The theory behind equalisation and minimum phase will be expounded.

DSP tools are the future to system optimisation. The benefits of DSP processing both in building a multi-way system to equalising a loudspeaker system will be revealed. Some of the short comings of passive networks are revealed.

This is a great opportunity to learn what this field of work has to offer both in loudspeaker system design and reproduction benefits.

Not all room effects are possible to correct, but a logical and detailed approach supported by measurements will be presented.

The benefits, build details and system performance for a stand-alone 2.2 (stereo with subwoofer augmentation) 24bit/96kHz AES/EBU audio server system using Ultimate Equaliser software are presented.

Bohdan has been actively involved in the development of Sound Easy software since 1990.
Sound Easy deals with the many facets of loudspeaker design, such as room acoustics enclosure design crossover optimisation and measurement.

Bohdan has published many papers on this subject and his manuals are a wealth of knowledge, often used for educational purposes. This a rare opportunity to learn more about his expertise, knowledge, skills and endeavours,  learn  what Ultimate Equaliser software can do for us now and future.  A must for all those interested in achieving the best sound reproduction.

Monday 14th April 2014 at 7:30pm
The Australian College of the Arts (Collarts)
55 Brady Street
South Melbourne

Special thanks to Dr Paul Doornbusch and Collarts ( for providing the venue.

Guests and Visitors welcome