Meeting Notice: February 2017

February Meeting Notice

The next meeting of the AES Melbourne Section will be on Monday 27th February at 7:30pm at:
The Kilsyth South Baptist Church, 382-388 Liverpool Rd, Kilsyth.

Frank Andrewartha, of Quest Engineering will demonstrate to us an example of typical church acoustics in a recently built church hall, and outline the sound designer’s solution to some common problems. He will then present on the topic:

What did they say?

– maintaining voice intelligibility in difficult acoustic environments

Tonight Frank will explode a few myths regarding speech and music intelligibility, echo and reverberation management, show how “bigger and more is not necessarily better”, and demonstrate that a big price tag does not guarantee performance.


The Church’s install of four Quest HPI-110 in two arrays, and four Quest HPI18LP sub bass units covers the 450 seat church with both uniform full range coverage and highly articulate voice.
Room reflections are minimum and room slapback on the stage area is virtually non-existent.
A multi send monitor system of Quest HPI-10DC foldback monitors complements the system and all are powered by Quest QA series amplifiers.

About Frank Andrewartha:
The members of the professional audio community come from a wide and varied technical backgrounds. This mix of perspectives and capabilities has given us the innovative thinking that has made Australia a heavy hitter when it comes to contribution and influence on the world market.
With a background in aviation and geoscience, Frank still claims to be an ”audio dilettante”, despite working in the audio industry for over forty years.
Frank started his audio life in 1976 working with boutique company “Birkett Audio Research and Development” (BARD) making studio monitors and specialist electronics, but was destined for ever larger sound in increasingly larger venues. Following many years of concert sound production Frank became one of the founders of the companies Group Technologies and Quest Engineering.
Today Quest designs and manufacturers electronics and loudspeaker products for the International market and specialises in durable high intelligibility systems suited to both physically and acoustically difficult environments where the wish is for seamless, unobtrusive live sound delivery.

Mon 27
th February 2017 at 7:30pm
The Kilsyth South Baptist Church

382-388 Liverpool Rd, Kilsyth.

Visitors and guests welcome.

No pre-bookings required – just turn up.

 Kilsyth South Baptist Map