2021 AGM Report

The 2021 Annual General Meeting of the AES Melbourne Section was held via the Zoom Meeting platform on Monday August 9th 2021

The Chairman Graeme Huon welcomed all to the meeting, and following the acceptance of the Minutes of the previous (2020) AGM, the Chairman introduced the Treasurer Graham Haynes to present his financial report.

Treasurer Graham Haynes reports to the meeting

Graham indicated that the Section finances were in good shape, with a surplus of $119, with interest income from the investment account exceeding all outgoings.

The Chairman Graeme Huon went on to present his report on the Section’s activities for the year.

Chairman Graeme Huon presents his report

The Chairman’s Report can be read here

Graeme Huon then relinquished the chair, and handed over to member Rod Brown to conduct the Election of Officers and Committee.

Rod Brown conducting the Election of Committee

All current Office Bearers and all but one of the Committee Members were renominated for their previous positions.
Graeme Huon took the opportunity to inform the meeting that Alec Graham had decided not to accept renomination to the Committee, due to other pressures on his time, and Graeme thanked him for his contribution.

There were no additional nominations for Office Bearers or Members, so
with no further nominations, Rod Brown was able to declare each nominee re-elected unopposed.

The incoming committee is:
Chairman – Graeme Huon
Vice-Chair – Paolo Menolotto
Treasurer – Graham Haynes
Secretary – Peter Smerdon
Committee Members –
David Hudson, Greg Segal, Rod Staples,
Fabio Marraccini, Lilith Lane.

Following the election, Graeme Huon took the chair again, and there being no further business closed the meeting at 7:50pm.