2017 AGM Report

The 2017 Annual general Meeting of the AES Melbourne section was held at SAE South Melbourne on Monday 14th August.

Chairman Graeme Huon presented his report on the Sections activities for the year.
The Chairman’s report can be read here.

Graeme Huon presents his Chairman’s Report ……….photo Rod Staples









This was followed by Treasurer Graham Haynes giving the financial report.

Graham Haynes presenting the Treasurer’s Report – photo Rod Staples








Then Graeme handed the reins to Michail Barabasz to conduct the Election of Officers and Committee Members.

Michail Barabasz conducts the Election of Committee – photo Rod Staples








The incoming committee is:
Chairman – Graeme Huon
Vice-Chair – Paolo Menolotto
Treasurer – Graham Haynes
Secretary – Peter Smerdon
Committee Members – David Hudson, Greg Segal, Rod Staples, Diego Tognola,

It’s deja vu all over again…

The AGM was followed by a talk by Graeme Huon on Speaker Design using Parametric Acoustic Modelling.
A full report on Graeme’s presentation is available here