Meeting Notice, 11th November 2013

The next meeting of the AES Melbourne Section is on Monday 11th November at 7:30pm
at Swinburne University – Lecture Theatre EN413.

It will introduce an interesting new application of microphone technology.

 An introduction to Noise Source Identification (NSI) Techniques.

 Beamforming and Acoustic Holography are relatively new microphone array based methods employed in the mapping of noise sources. Beamforming in particular offers the advantage of quick (one shot) measurements that can be performed with easy to use high precision fully integrated measurement systems.

 Noise source identification (NSI) techniques can be used to optimise the noise emissions from many different type of products and their components, including: vehicles, aircraft, power tools, household goods and wind turbines. NSI techniques can identify the most important sub-sources in terms of position, frequency content and sound power radiation. Ranking sub-sources then identifies where design changes will improve overall noise radiation most effectively.

 In this one hour introduction, we will explore some of the concepts behind commonly used NSI techniques. with the aid of a number of real life examples.

 NSI rig






About the Presenter

Maurizio Demontis, Regional Manager (South) at Brüel & Kjær AustraliaMaurizio

Maurizio has over 20 years of experience in Noise & Vibration (NVH). Over his career he has been involved in a variety of Automotive, Defence and Industrial projects ranging from Vehicle Modal Analysis and Sound Quality to Aircraft Ground Vibration Testing (GVT).


Monday 11th November 2013 at 7:30pm
Lecture Theatre EN413
Level 4
(up the escalators)
Engineering Building
Swinburne University of Technology
John St

If you are not familiar with the Swinburne Hawthorn campus information and a campus map can
be found at

 Visitors and Guests welcome.

We hope to see you there.